One Woman's Journey into the Hidden Dangers of the Afghan War

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Literary and Musical Reviews

Reviews of Crossing the Wire

 "It was really refreshing to hear a viewpoint that was more compassionate than many of the people I am exposed to. So often we see only the ugly side of the people involved in this war... Annamaria Cardinalli put forth a narrative of a people who are so exposed and exploited by their own people, that its hard for me right now to feel anger that I've previously felt towards them. Actually, I still feel anger, but for different reasons. It angers me that people sell their children into a miserable existence. It angers me that children who have been sold into those miserable existences (if they make it to adulthood) then in turn often sell THEIR children into the same life... I applaud Cardinalli for having the intestinal fortitude to write about it (and other things about her experience there) with sometimes brutal honesty..."  GoodReads 4 Star Review


"...a day by day narrative remains of a female hired soldier operating in a sometimes boring, sometimes exciting environment.  You learn what Bepto-Bismol or a micro credit could mean to women's development...  Who's willing to cross the wire and act on it?" Review


"I didn't always agree with some of her opinions on the justifications for the HTS, but her well balanced arguments and documented conclusions are hard to argue..."  GoodReads 4 Star Review

Performance Reviews

"...exuding romance and passion...when La Cantadora [AnnaMaría] sings, she has a deep, confident... warm, burgundy contralto. Her lips... shape the sounds as only the voice pouring from a throat blessed by Roman cardinals could."
- The Santa Fe New Mexican


"With a prodigious spirit that rivals Sor Juana's, AnnaMaría marvels audiences..."
- Sor Juana Festival, Chicago


"Y, de paso, AnnaMaría sabe cantar... y lo hace muy bien."
- La Opinión, Los Angeles


"...a very deep voice that seems to mix Penitente and Gypsy styles..."
- The Albuquerque Journal


"One young opera singer is emerging, however, who might well make Licia Albanese proud. Her name is AnnaMaría..."
- Twin Circle, New York


"I have witnessed the masters perform where AnnaMaría just has. And never have I heard a performance more flawless or more moving."
- The Archbishop of Toledo, Spain


The Song and the Sword

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Performing Justice

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